Anton Chekhov

Nov 5, 2012 by

Anton Chekhov

Where do I start? This great man changed the way I write and enhanced my understanding of literature.

I have read Chekhov’s collection of short stories when I was about 14 or 15 years old. Until to this day I pick up that book on a monthly basis and read it again and again. His books are like my best friends that live overseas, so I visit them from time to time.

The main thing I love about Anton Chekhov and find it very unique is the fact that he doesn’t judge his characters while narrating the story. It does not matter if the character is a notorious general, unfaithful wife or a young gentleman who gave his life for the country – all of them are people that made their choices.

The reason I love that so much about his style because it gives so much freedom to the reader – it leaves you with a subtle confusion which I find helpful. When the author hints who are the bad guys and who are the good guys, the reader automatically chooses that path most of the time. Chekov leaves that decision up to you and I thank him for it!

Another thing I absolutely love about his style is the fact that he doesn’t start a story from a beginning which has an ending that shows the morale of whole story. His stories are more like snapshots of certain situations which never really have a definite ending.

What absolutely fascinates me about Anton Chekhov is how he is able to take complex, psychological human behaviors and put them in such a simple, understandable way in the form of writing.

If you haven’t read Anton Chekhov please do. I highly recommend it and I think there should be a list of must read books in every high school/college. These classics are timeless you know…