Are You a Real Man?

Nov 20, 2012 by

Are You a Real Man?

A real man is someone who exudes confidence and honesty as he lives this life.

A real man is someone who is NOT afraid of getting his feelings hurt.

A real man is someone who will KEEP pushing until he reaches his final goal. He will give anything and sacrifice anything to get there.

A real man is someone who HAS the strength and the courage to make the FIRST move.

A real man is someone who appreciates his family first and then everyone else.

A real man is someone who has the courage to be ORIGINAL and go against the stream.

A real man is someone who ACCEPTS his mistake if he makes one.

A real man is someone who doesn’t feel ashamed of claiming that he is scared when he actually is.

A real man is someone who KNOWS his VALUE but still stays HUMBLE.

A real man is someone who constantly develops because progress is his only and ONLY option.

A real man is someone who keeps his heart clean throughout all the filth and negativity in this world.

Are you a real man?

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  • Flint

    I totally agree with you, some people find it as checklist but in short i would like to add a real man is someone who live for someones life, with a purpose it could be love and care because after that all the above mentioned qualities will build up, What do you say??

    • InnovaTonic

      I think that one has to have these qualities (or at least some of them) most of the time to be ABLE to live for someone else, very rarely does it happen when one starts living for someone else and the qualities built up with time. What you are saying could be considered as an exception to the rule and the existence of an exception defines the rule. But as I said I do agree that it could happen.

  • JTomlinson

    Well no, I’m a woman actually lol. I agree that a lot of what you said makes a good man, but not necessarily a ‘real’ man. I believe a ‘real’ man takes responsibility for his actions (whatever they may be), is respectful, seeks wisdom, and in all things has the courage to continue on and try to make things right. A real man finds it within himself to give of himself freely and expecting nothing in return. A real man sacrifices of himself for others, even if they don’t deserve it. A real man forgives and loves unconditionally even if he doesn’t feel like it. A real man doesn’t measure success by how much money or how many toys he has in this world because he knows he can’t take his worldly possessions with him in the end. A real man finds his purpose in life and does his best to fulfill it. A real man doesn’t hate, and isn’t cruel for any reason. A real man loves his neighbors, and is good to his enemies. A real man can laugh and also learn from his mistakes.

    Of course we’re all entitled to our own opinions, and this will be different for each of us, but this is what constitutes a ‘real’ man for me, and my husband leads a good example.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • InnovaTonic

      I appreciate you sharing your own version :)

      This post is more of a snapshot than an actual definition/description. Let me try to explain myself.

      Have you read short stories/poems which have this specific style to them where it seems like they start from the middle and the ending is indefinite? That is what I mean by a snapshot.

      As you said everyone has their own opinion of the real man, which is their own snapshot so to speak.

      This post was supposed to be more of an artistic expression, rather than a definition.

  • Dan

    An awesome post! I believe that a real man, is all of these things but above all a true carer for his family. It is in fact natural, for a man to be the main protective and supportive force over a family, and even in the animal kingdom this stands true. With the exception of some female orientated species of course.

    • InnovaTonic

      Thank you for sharing your version :)

  • steve

    I am more a man than this article. :) lol Great article though

  • Sue

    What about a real girl? Or Should I say Woman