Beautiful Technology

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Beautiful Technology

I love the idea of Facebook, I love the implementation and I love how mostly everyone in the world has their own account. As a computer scientists I utterly and genuinely respect people who keep the site running and keep implementing new solutions for arising problems.

One other thing which is very fascinating about Facebook, at least to me, is that it ACTUALLY captures personality into a digital form. Now to some of you this might sound very obvious but to me it is so intellectually captivating.

The more you use the site the more deeply it captures your personality. Just think about this – it takes your likes, statuses, photo images, relationships  messages and everything else saving it all into a database. All this describes your personality which is only a small piece of a mountainous database.

Now as we all know imagination loves to wander around into the future and so every time I think about these ideas that’s exactly what starts to happen. I will share one of my exciting futuristic ideas with you!

One of my ideas was a about super computer called Oracle. When people want to know about their future all they need to do is feed their Facebook account credentials and it will read their past and present, analyze their personality and by detecting certain behaviors it can predict the future. When I first thought of this it made me chuckle because I knew I wasn’t being serious even though I felt there was some truth to it.

Okay let me share another one – this one being more serious. In a very distant future when (assuming we no longer need any external devices to tap into the world wide web, instead it exists as a part of our brain) Facebook once again will revolutionize the way we interact.

Imagine you are walking down the street and you see someone that looks very familiar. All you would need to do is send the visual input to Facebook with your thoughts (assuming now Facebook has facial recognition features) and it will return you some information about the person. Just imagine how different our interactions would be after that point in time?

Of course all of this is just a product of my imagination but then again could people during 1960s imagine that there would be such things as smartphones? All of the things above might sound funny now but the reality is that whether we believe it or not the momentum of innovation is very strong at this point and big changes are coming our way.

Now to summarize my scattered thoughts I would say that Facebook is a beautiful technology and I don’t think it will ever vanish but will only evolve into something bigger and even greater. The only thing I am a little worried about is that it is being wasted on a very crappy generation just like most of the other technologies but that is another discussion.

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  • Steve

    Great article, however I am not so positive with Facebook. I think they are controlling I mean they are literally collecting information on millions of people.. Think about if that got into the wrong hands. Also eventually will our lives just become centrally controlled by online media? :(