Blank Page Syndrome

Nov 26, 2012 by

Blank Page Syndrome

I think that everyone who writes either for themselves, school or work has experienced the “blank page syndrome”.

It could last from hours to days and sometimes even longer than that.

Staring at the blank page with absolutely no ideas, while stories appearing and disappearing in your mind. Something is missing at that point – it is not an emotion, not a thought or an idea but something else.

I mean we all know it is the good old Muse with its inspirational powers but what IS that Muse and when does it appear? What is that element that gets one inspired to write the story.

When I think about my own experience I see that all of the times when I was inspired and ended up writing though-provoking, emotional stories were actually the times when I realized something very clearly and needed to share it with the world.

I think that The Muse stands as a symbolism for a clear realization of something, which then one wants to share it with the whole world. As Yaqui Indians said “Information is not complete unless it is shared.”

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