Let’s Talk About Carlos Castaneda

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Let’s Talk About Carlos Castaneda

One main thing that this highly controversial author did for me was to open up my eyes. That I think is one of the biggest gifts that a book can offer you. Change perspective and open up one’s eyes to new realities.

Talking about Carlos Castaneda one tends to get very existential but I will try not to do that and instead mention things that I love about this wonderful author and his writings.

First thing that hits you about his books and makes them unbelievably controversial is the fact that Castaneda claims they are all nonfiction.

This is very dazzling since the things he talks about are way out of our ordinary reality. I read all of his volumes even though I am a big skeptic.

One thing that I have concluded is this: if he used the “nonfiction trick” as a marketing technique (in order to make it arguable amongst thinking people which equals to more sales) then he is TWICE a genius that he is for being able to write so “deceptively” and disguise the fiction as a nonfiction. If it is all a hoax it still does not take away from him being a wonderful writer.

If, on the other hand, there IS some truth to it then it could change the course of everyone’s life. It could change everything we know about the world.

There are a lot of documentaries proving him wrong and there are many more proving his claims to be true. It is futile to argue against it or for it. All one could do is read his books and make his or her own personal judgment. Once again if it is all a hoax it still does not take away the brilliance, style and rhetoric of his timeless writings.

He is a very important man in my life and I forever thank him for his work and efforts.

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