The Importance of Evidence

Apr 23, 2013 by

First of all WHAT is evidence? Well the simplest and most elementary definition would be as follows: information used to differentiate...

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The Power of Hope

Mar 11, 2013 by

What would I do without it? I mean how would I even be able to survive in this world without hope? Funny thing is that we are the...

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Death is The Best Motivator

Mar 10, 2013 by

This might sound very dark and even confusing but in all honesty I find the thought of death being my biggest motivator. I used to be...

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Joy from Within

Dec 10, 2012 by

Oh how I love those tiny, little moments when you feel pure joy for absolutely no reason. You are sitting in your kitchen eating soup...

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Big Thank You

Nov 30, 2012 by

As I was walking down the street from my house I have realized what a lucky young man I really am. The gorgeous, warm weather and the...

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What’s Underneath Music

Nov 28, 2012 by

How is it possible that when one adds simple notes together, which do not have any meaning individually, one could get such a...

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