The Importance Of Baby Steps

Apr 14, 2013 by

I look at life as a huge array of integers and the people in it being the integers. The reason I look it that way is because to me...

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Life is Hard

Mar 30, 2013 by

Life is hard. That’s the reality. It doesn’t matter if you are rich or poor – life is still hard. See no person in...

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Sometimes You Just Have To Go ...

Mar 20, 2013 by

There are going to be times in life when you sit around or stand around (whatever situation you are in) and contemplate about a...

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How to Stop Being a Loser

Mar 9, 2013 by

You know what the short answer is? Don’t be a loser. Simple as that. Are you mad because I am not giving you a terribly long...

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We Have to Dream

Jan 5, 2013 by

Our hearts always have desires, dreams and aspirations. The part that you should be careful about is that sometimes in order for the...

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Are You a Real Man?

Nov 20, 2012 by

A real man is someone who exudes confidence and honesty as he lives this life. A real man is someone who is NOT afraid of getting his...

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