Consistency Key to Success

Nov 7, 2012 by

Consistency Key to Success

Consistency is the key to success. Accumulative process is very powerful and when actually used can make great things come to life.

Even the most brilliant idea, when put in practice, needs to be consistently executed otherwise it will only stay as an idea.

The transformation of an idea into a physical entity, or into an action requires immense amount of consistency.

Doing the same thing every day will bring change at the end of your path. The most important thing is enjoying the process.

As you go through the days some will be filled with more enthusiasm than others, and some days will make you feel drained of all the enthusiasm and ambition. Throughout all intesne emotions you still have to stay consistent with your goal.

The funny thing about it is that we are not able to see the accumulation over time because we do the same thing every day. However whether you are aware of it or not it accumulates – and that should be the biggest motivation.

No effort can ever go to waste because it adds up to what you already have created.

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  •,s,647/ Lai

    Thanks for the article, can I set it up so I get an alert email whenever you write a new update?

    • InnovaTonic

      Thank you for reading! I have set up a newsletter subscription today on my homepage. You can now do it very easily! :)

  • Surf Fan

    I completely agree, even if you take the sport of surfing which I follow. The famous Kelly Slater who has won over 10 world titles achieving more than any one else not only in the sport of surfing but as an athlete he doesn’t compare. He is more accomplished than Mohammed ali, arnie whoever you want to compare him to!

    It all comes down to his consistency and the sheer motivation etc that he has. Stay with it you will succeed!