Don’t Be Yourself

Nov 8, 2012 by

Don’t Be Yourself

Did people ever tell you to be yourself? Yeap, they told me that too.

You know what I have learned along the way? DON’T be yourself.

Let me explain myself. First and foremost let us answer this question – WHAT is “yourself”?

Could you please define it without getting too existential?

Now compare it with my definition and see if we both got the same thing – to me myself is the image of myself that I have created throughout the time that I have been living on this planet. “Myself” includes all of my memories, opinions, knowledge, feelings/emotions, and experiences.

So in a way your image is self-created and only exists in your own mind. That is all there is to it.

Now how do you know that you are not MORE than your image?

For example let us say that people know you only for reading books and getting high grades in school. Who said that you can’t also be a great dancer, writer and a very social person?

Let me put it this way – people who tell you to be yourself are intentionally or unintentionally limiting you from your potential.

You don’t know WHO you are until you have lived your life fully and completely. Know thyself is a famous phrase in a philosophical community and for a good reason.

The only way you can find who you are is if you try new things that appeal to you. Anything that you love you can accomplish because loving something is the greatest motivation. Please don’t listen to other people even to your friends when they say you cannot do something.

They remember and recognize you UNDER your IMAGE and don’t want you to change because they are comfortable with who you are RIGHT now.

A real friend will encourage a change so don’t worry if you lose some fictitious friends along the way – you didn’t need them anyways.

So go out there and FIND yourself!

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  • Tommy Q

    I agree that that’s definitely one way to look at it. Me, I know that I have certain tendencies and talents, and changes that I make to myself along the course of my life will be most effective if I work *with* my natural strengths than against. It’s not that I have to change, so much as I have to become *more* myself than I might have been before. Doing so will lead me to being my best self possible, something that no one else could possibly do better than me. Maybe it’s just because I’m awesome, but I prefer to think of it that way, lol.

  • Susan

    These articles are so good, im not just saying it! I really enjoy them. Really give you some inspiration to seek more or achieve great things Thanks !