George Carlin Talks About Saving the Planet

Nov 23, 2012 by

George Carlin Talks About Saving the Planet

WARNING: Foul Language

As I have mentioned George Carlin is one of my old time favorites.

His rants about people and things that they do unconsciously is always brilliant.

This performance is one of my favorites, it is pure truth.

His unique perspective makes him stand out from the crowd and gives his voice boldness and eloquence.

If you eloquence a hilarious video in mind let us know in the comment section!

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  • Dan

    Haha! So true! He has such a good point that we should leave nature to control what happens, and we should not try to influence in the natural procedure of animals becoming extinct. I also highly admire how he was able to integrate this message in the form of humour, and I am certainly glad that I watched this :)

    • InnovaTonic

      He is a pioneer and a true comic. Carlin will be missed surely! Thanks for watching :)