How to Get Any Girl in The World

Nov 15, 2012 by

How to Get Any Girl in The World

This is a joke people so please don’t get all excited!

This poem explains itself so I am not going to comment anything about that.

Should you take this poem seriously? Sure, go ahead.

If you decide to take this poem seriously then please make sure you know I am not responsible for any physical injuries or emotional mayhem that might arise throughout your interactions with the opposite sex.

So without further ado here is my poem, enjoy. Hope it makes for a good laugh!

Look at her eyes first and foremost
A friendly smile won’t hurt at all
Then look away, you be the first
Leaving her lost and wanting more

Give it some time, don’t drag too much,
Despite her will she’ll miss you now,
In a very subtle kind of way
Our minds just love to mystify

It’s time now soldier get up and go
Back straight, chin up, walk towards her
Her heart is trembling right now
I know yours too but you stay calm

And when you utter your first word
Please make sure it’s genuine
You see – women out of all
Have radars spotting a mean lie

And once you’re in, you’re in for good
Don’t give her power at any point
See just like tigress in the wild
She will not tolerate the weak

Don’t stay too long, don’t talk too much
Create emotion and spark her heart
There are so many others there
You’ve done it right, you will stand out.

by InnovaTonic

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