Jon Stewart Interviews George Carlin

Nov 30, 2012 by

Jon Stewart Interviews George Carlin

One of the things he says in this interview that I can absolutely resonate with is that an artist is always on a roll, there is a journey involved. An artist might not know where he is going but that is all the fun because it makes him call on himself.

I find a certain beauty in the unknown. I find uncertainty very fascinating because when I don’t have a plan I have to force myself to be totally in the moment.

George Carlin always brought light into those dark, rainy days. I thank him for it. He will always be remembered! Rest in peace.

“He is down there looking up at us”

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  • Dan

    Haha what a funny guy! I love how simple yet remarkably intelligent he is during this interview, and says a lot of truth amongst his humorous remarks. Thanks for this post :)

  • Carl

    This is definitely one of the shining moments in TV history. George Carlin is probably one of the funniest guys who ever lived, and John Stewart has a genius level sense of humor himself. Together, it’s absolutely riveting. I’m sure John Stewart is thankful to have had the opportunity to interview George Carlin while he could!