Jorge Luis Borges And My Experiances

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Jorge Luis Borges And My Experiances

I have read Jorge Luis Borges’s collected fictions and fell in love with his style and ideas.

He is a very original and controversial writer. Most of Jorge Luis Borges’s stories are very complex and profound. Understanding them could take some time.

There are still stories that I haven’t understood and when that was the case I would just pay attention to his style and wording in order to still take something away from it.

One of his main themes is the idea of Infinity, unity, and oneness.

He always said that one man is all men playing different roles. Borges depicts that idea very clearly in most of his stories.

One of the things that Borges said during his interviews which I will never forget is this – “if you don’t like the book then don’t read it. You are not doing a favor to yourself and to the author that wrote the book.”

This is a very true statement because we sometimes tend to read books not because we like them but instead someone recommended them to us or we wanted to brag about the fact that we read a certain book.

I can still remember all of the great things this wonderful man has shared with the world. He loved talking about various books and one of the things he said stuck with me until to this day “Books are not to be worshiped, but taken as an occasion for beauty. Language is always shifting.”

“It is an obligation for a writer to observe, describe and share the external world with others.”

This is one of the authors who I could very confidently say changed my perspective, opinions and most of all my life.

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  • Mark K.

    Believe it or not I have never heard of this guy but thanks to this article I did! Thank you.