Joy from Within

Dec 10, 2012 by

Joy from Within

Oh how I love those tiny, little moments when you feel pure joy for absolutely no reason.

You are sitting in your kitchen eating soup and all of a sudden you feel all your daily troubles disappear for a second. This feeling of lightness and adventurousness comes about and stays with you for a while.

This feeling is like a beautiful butterfly with magnificent colorful patterns on its petite, skeletal wings. It is so delicate and fragile that if you even try to catch it for a moment the whole thing will disappear.

The only thing one can do is sit back and enjoy the beauty, just enjoy it without trying to reason about how you could possibly try to recreate this wonderful feeling.

If there is people around you don’t let your ego get in the way and make you act like you are experiencing something beautiful for the sake of showing off. Do it for yourself. Just be quiet and relaxed.

You could close your eyes but I personally love to stare at the world around me while I am in this ecstatic state of mind.

I feel very pure at that one moment because I know that none of the animalistic instincts can take over me. I feel so evolved and so human and that is the best way to explain it.

This is not to put animals down and give myself some type of an authority over them. Some animals are wiser than people. What I am trying to say is that at THIS moment I feel free of my simplistic evolutionary instinct designed for my survival – I am not jealous, angry, bitter, competitive, overly analytical and defensive. Instead I feel the core without all those things on top.

Some of you reading this might think to yourself that I accidently dropped LSD, ecstasy or some other type of mind/perception altering drug in my soup *insert fake laugh here* but I can assure you that you don’t HAVE to take drugs to feel these things.

For me these types of moments happen rarely and I have no control over them. They just happen and I hope you get to feel this too because it is so colorful and cleansing.

I am a man of evidence/facts and don’t like to assume or believe in things because I find it to be childish unless there is a good reason to believe which is another topic. I accept what I know and SEEK what I don’t know. I am sincere with myself and would like for you to be sincere with yourself.

This is my personal experience which I find it to be real. This does NOT prove/disprove anything it is just a beautiful experience which humans across the globe go through on different levels.

Unless you experience it in your OWN reality this is NOT going to resonate with you however if you know what I am talking about then I don’t need any more words to explain a thing.
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  • Ali

    "So human" explains alot to me :) if your heart is pure then you can have such feelings otherwise even alchohol taste like water.

    • InnovaTonic

      I was about to "Like" your comment and then realized I don't have that feature haha really showed me once again that you DO have to put things in practice to be able to make the right adjustments – trial and error my friend. Loved the alchohol bit :)

  • JTomlinson

    I have had those feelings, but almost always these are the moments when I realize God is with me, helping me through things, and I feel so in awe of Him. I know you don’t believe, but that’s ok, because I do, and I give God the glory for everything that makes me happy.

    • InnovaTonic

      This is a place where we share our opinions and learn from our differences. Thank you for your reply :)

  • Motley Rose

    Yes, I know the feeling, and I know how it happens. It is the ability to simply take joy in the things that matter most…like quiet moments with a bowl of soup :)

    You are blessed to have this ability, because I have found that it is very rare in our society.

    I once wrote an article (I won’t share it because this is YOUR blog…) about perceiving happiness, because I had gone in search of a reason that I felt so down at the time, and found that I was simply overlooking what was already in front of me while searching for it. It’s kind-of like when you send a child to look for their shoes and they tell you they can’t find them as they are diligently searching the ceiling :)

    I looks like you are able to perceive happiness just fine, and I think you hit the nail on the head wen you mentioned animal mentality. It amazes me how happy my cat is when I fill her food bowl. It’s not because she is hungry, because she usually waits awhile after I fill it to dig in. She is just grateful that I feed her, and she always shows it by rubbing my leg until I pick her up, and then nudging the bottom of my chin with the top of her head. It is gratitude and happiness in it’s purest form.

    How many humans would be so happy to have the same dry food with some water every morning? Not many.

    • InnovaTonic

      haha the cat scene description is exactly the same with my cat.

      You should absolutely share your blog here next time.

      I encourage everyone to share their experiences, thoughts, opinions and your blog is exactly that :)

      • Motley Rose

        Thank you for giving me permission :) I don’t like to invade blog comments because too many people have tried to do it on my blog for things that are completely unrelated to the subject of the post!

        My blog is

        Thank again!

        • InnovaTonic

          Thank you for sharing your blog with us it looks very sharp :)

  • Dan

    I believe that life is worth living just for those simple moments of pure pleasure, in which all your troubles seem to “disappear” and you can put your life in glorious perspective. I do believe that we can trigger these sensations whenever we see fit, but most of the time, we feel that life is too stressful to be happy. What we forget is that there is ALWAYS something to feel happy about.

    • InnovaTonic

      I have noticed this about myself that clarity of mind – meaning when you have all your priorities in check, know where you are going in life, when you feel like everything is organized in your head THEN you have a potential of feeling the happiness.

      That’s just for me for other people it might differ and thank you for sharing your thoughts with us :)