Life is Hard

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Life is Hard

Life is hard. That’s the reality. It doesn’t matter if you are rich or poor – life is still hard. See no person in this life can actually break your heart except life itself. It’s life that breaks your heart, beats you down and makes your inner world collapse at times – all through various consequences and situations.

There are going to be times when you are in your bed and you don’t even feel like getting back up – even though you are a very strong, motivated person. There are going to be times like that. No matter how enthusiastic, ambitions and full of life you are – life is life and life is hard.

There are also going to be times when everything just goes wrong, everything that you want just simply doesn’t happen, all of your dreams get put on hold – there are going to be times when you will feel alone even if you are surrounded with friends and family.

There is so many things to worry about including finances, getting a job, paying off loans, keeping up with friends, keeping up with family, achieving your daily goals, and at the end trying to be the best version of yourself. There are so many things to do and on top of that there are so many problems to solve.

Sometimes the pain will feel so strong that you will want to go to bed and sleep it off until the next morning…

But don’t you DARE to do that! You hear me? Don’t you dare to do that. If you really need rest then go ahead and get the rest you need but once you are up and ready don’t you let the pain put you down in any way. Fight it! Your mind will try to convince you that you should probably go to bed and pity yourself, it will make up excuses for why NOT to get up and keep moving forward, it will make up excuses so YOU can give up. Your mind wants to protect YOU because it knows that life is hard, but you DON”T need that protection. Brush it off, you are much stronger than your mind!

I can write articles upon articles about how life is hard, how life is vicious, how life is pure of evil and injustice… but WHY? There is no point in talking about it. We KNOW the reality – we already know that life is hard and now it is time to DO something about it.

Never let it take you down – NEVER. Stay STRONG, FIGHT your mind, go AGAINST it and don’t indulge in those petty and childish excuses.

Life is hard? Well let it be. You CAN STILL get a great job, you CAN make enough money, you CAN keep up with your friends and family, you CAN improve upon yourself while doing all that simultaneously, you CAN be the best version of yourself through the hardships of this life, you CAN do whatever you put your mind to and you WILL. Don’t let the excuses take you down.

You know what I say? I say to myself – “I know that life is hard and I LOVE it because it is more of a challenge for ME. Show me what you got, is that all? Because I am NOT giving up. No WAY!”.

Look life straight into its eyes and tell it that. Tell it that you are not scared or even nervous of its challenges, tell it to give you more because you can take it and you will not give up until the last day of your life.

If life is a challenge then I TAKE IT!


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