Loneliness and Personal Growth

Nov 13, 2012 by

Loneliness and Personal Growth

As you already know you can have thousands of friends but still feel lonely. I call this feeling, for my convenience, spiritual loneliness – meaning you have people around you but you still feeling a void inside.

When I imagine this void I imagine a capsule that is totally and utterly empty but has something in it that wants to learn about the world. That is exactly what happens. That void starts sucking in all of the bits and pieces of information it encounters, and then the person starts seeing the world in a different way.

That void can be filled with timeless and classical music and literature, meaningful conversations, experiencing new things and meeting people who understand the meaning behind your words. It can be filled by just hanging around your family and experiencing genuine and true human interactions.

Now the downside of that is the void can also be filled with other things such as hate, anger, bitterness, jealousy and other such negative feelings and emotions. It can be filled with hateful messages and information or aggressive music.

What you fill the void with is totally up to you. However one thing remains true that when we feel lonely while there is people around us this only means one thing – change, growth and evolution.

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