Nobody Needs to Know

Nov 13, 2012 by

Nobody Needs to Know

Let me just start by saying this – Nobody needs to know.

Whatever project you are working on, whatever dreams and goals you have and whatever girls you are having intercourse with – nobody needs to know about that. I mean if you want to share go ahead and do as you wish, but in my opinion confidentiality is simply brilliant because it saves you from impressing and growing your ego, unnecessary competition, jealousy and hurt feelings.

Let us say you are a computer scientist and you are working on multiple independent private projects and one day you decided at a party that you want to talk about all of those. The ONLY reason why you would do that is to impress your ego and make yourself feel intelligent there is no other reason why you would do that. UNLESS at that party there is a recruiter from Google who is having a conversation with you and to impress him with your skills you mention the projects. (This time you are advertising yourself and not bragging and also have a good reason to do so, that would be a very smart move)

This other one is a very common theme where we guys huddle up together and start sharing who did what with what girl. This, as any other behavior, will stay with one forever if one doesn’t get rid of it. Let me ask you a question – why would you ever share those intimate details with another friend of yours? Exactly, the only thing that comes to mind is the same as one above. You are enjoying the feeling of impressing your ego by sharing all of those details, feels great to be seen as a macho man correct?

A real man, a true man keeps all of those intimate details private by respecting the other girl. EVEN if the girl is doing the exact opposite and is not able to keep things private that is none of your business. If YOU think that YOU are a true man then you will not share any intimate details with your friends and then giggle about it like little school girls. Besides how do you think the girl will feel if she finds out you told everything about her? Most girls will feel very exposed and used.

If you have dreams such as buying a nice car or owning a nice house then keep them all to yourself and just work on them day to day basis. Why share those details with other people? Every time you say you want to do something that will get you to a higher state your friends start automatically competing with you in their minds. Some of them get jealous and some of them get their feelings hurt, that is the reality. There are only 1% of people out there nowadays that will be happy for your success, but that is another discussion. My point is still the same – nobody needs to know unless you are being asked about your dreams and aspirations in which case you could lightly touch up on some things but not go into details.

You can do whatever you want to do because this is my opinion and you will have yours of course. We all live our own lives and make our own choices; however the more of a realist one becomes the more one accepts the basic truths of life which are not written in a book. That I think is the beauty of being a realist because one sees life as it is. All of my opinions are based on the basic truths of life and my own experiences because that is the only real data I have for my use.

Once again the bottom line is – nobody needs to know.

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