Path-Splitting Decisions

Dec 4, 2012 by

Path-Splitting Decisions

There are times in life when you come to a point and you have to make a path-splitting decision.

Yes or no.

I don’t think path-splitting is even an adjective but it is the best way to describe what I mean.

When that time comes it is usually accompanied by a risk either high or low depending on the circumstances; the higher the risk the harder the decision.

If you shall find yourself in this type of situation then here is what you should do.

1) Make yourself a warm, comforting drink. I personally always go with tea. You may choose coffee or warm vodka… whatever floats your boat or should I say calms your boat *insert fake laugh here*

2) Sit on a comfortable chair and make sure you are alone in your room/house and that there is no noise around you.

3) Take a sip of your warm drink.

4) Sit for a while, just don’t fall asleep.

5) Now after you are calm and relaxed; after you feel that your mind is at ease and is no longer worried by the consequences that might arise in the future; after you realize that you are in the moment – you are then ready to make your decision.

6) Think about the two paths but don’t worry about the consequences as they arise in your mind.

7) First think about the path which is the one in which you said yes to yourself and decided to go with it.

8) Second think about the path which is the one in which you said no to yourself and decided to continue living with your own routine.

9) Think about both separately and try to visualize them like they are really happening to you. Don’t judge. Don’t exaggerate.

10) Take another sip of your warm drink (or cold by now).

11) How would this choice affect you in regards to your personal development?

12) Would this choice affect your loved ones and how?

13) Which choice makes you feel like you are home again?

If you take some time and really try to answer these questions you will see the fog clearing out in your mind. Give it some time and the final answer will show itself. Decisions like these take time for our minds to process.

I wish you all the best and hopefully this helped you!

Stay tuned for more posts.

  • JTomlinson

    I always pray for guidance when I’m at a path like this (which happens a lot actually). God always brings things to mind in time that helps me to make a decision, be it scriptures, (and yes consequences), as well as other factors. I always end up where I need to be and where I’m happy. God has never lead me astray yet and I don’t believe he will.

    Thanks for sharing your methods of making decisions.

  • Dan

    A good guide for making these types of decisions. Our decisions often write out our stories in life, and whether they are going to be successful, happy or miserable. Therefore, it is essential that we are always making the right decisions in life for our own sakes, so that we can have the best experience that life has to offer.

  • I like the idea of letting go of worry before you make a decision. I have had to leave my current path several times and explore new paths. It can be very frightening if you have put a lot of time and effort into the path you are on. However, in my case my paths have crossed with each other, and every path I was on before, set me up to navigate the next. I discovered that it was more important to explore what works, what doesn’t, what I enjoy, what I don’t, and follow my path accordingly while maintaining solid boundaries concerning which direction I will allow myself to go.
    Now that my paths have circled around and crossed over into the path I started on, I feel a little more secure, yet excited to see how this new, wider path will branch off as I move forward.