Predicting the Future

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Predicting the Future

At this point in my life I think the most interesting thing is when I see progress or degradation in other people that I knew throughout my life.

The interesting part comes when my predictions are fulfilled or better yet when they are not.

When one is friends with a certain group of people or a single person for a long time one starts to learn their thought patterns, certain behaviors, personal life secrets, family relationships and other such things. As time goes on one starts making predictions about their future whether consciously or unconsciously. This is what happened to me.

As I have mentioned above the interesting part is when a prediction is made and it happens exactly as predicted. Very rarely predictions can be made and never be fulfilled which mostly happenes because something happened to the other person which changed his or her behavior/thought pattern dramatically.

Most of the times this is how it works – people who are hungry for success end up moving up and people who are not just sway with the wind of opportunities that come along their way OR they stay where they are.

Now when I say hungry for success this is a very general statement which could cover multiple scenarios different in nature – for example: someone who does not focus on school work but has a personal project like a website that he/she is working on consistently and has great belief that things will work out, someone who focuses on all school work, gets excellent grades, and has great belief that he/she will go to one of the best schools, someone who does not do any school work but has extreme talent in sports and practices every single day like a maniac.

Bottom line is they ALL have their OWN worlds which they believe in AND hunger drives them. This is the bottom line. Whether they have a GPA of 4.0 or 1.1, whether English is their first language or not, whether they are athletic or not everything boils down to hunger for success.

Now there is also a very clear distinction we need to make when talking about the hunger of success which is the clarity of one’s desire. This is the lens through which one looks and projects his or her intent for hunger of success. If there is no lens then the intent is blurry and the person is searching for something very vague.

The best example for this is new generation of entrepreneurs who just want to be successful but don’t know a THING about what they are going to do or where they are going altogether.

When one has clarity of desire which could be as simple as “I WANT TO MAKE ONE MILLION DOLLARS BY PURCHASING A WEBSITE, DOUBLING ITS INCOME AND SELLING IT FOR TWICE AS MUCH” or “I WANT TO GO TO HARVARD” one has a clear mind of where he/she is going. NOW in this case the hunger is fed into something clear and distinct.

People who had these two elements which are the clarity of desire and hunger for getting that desire have succeeded so far. They are moving up in this world and all their hard work is paying off. People who have only wanted to be successful and had this burning hunger in them but never really had a clear desire are still the same way and haven’t moved an inch. I haven’t seen the third combination yet where one has a clear desire but has no hunger for success because when one desires something very clearly hunger comes automatically. So I think that desire automatically generates hunger for it on the other hand hunger does not generate desire.

This could be compared to love and sex. Love exists and it generates sex for the lack of better words on the other hand sex does not generate love.

It all starts from your desire. Clarify it.

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  • JTomlinson

    What you’ve said makes me think of good goal setting. Not only does a good goal need to be specific, have a time limit, and be realistic, but it needs to be measurable as well so that you can measure your success and know what you need to do to tweak your goal in the future.

    Thanks for sharing.

  • Dan

    So true! Quite often many people know vaguely what they want, but lack to required clarity to actually obtain it. That is why most of the goal setting workshops always advise that when you set a goal, you link as much information to it as possible, so that you know for certain what it is that you want and how you are going to get it. I believe that if everyone in life worked off their hunger and true passions in life, not only would people be more happier in general, but they will also bring happiness to those around them too.

    I must state, that I often feel disgusted with parents, who force upon certain things to their kids, as they will feel no natural hunger when doing it, and therefore will never be happy doing it. The same thing often happens with schooling, as when a child does not like school, he/she feels no motive to work hard in school, and evidently has a good chance of not doing well. Especially, when parents force their kids to revise long hours after school, as this does not allow any natural passion to be released and explored.