That Sad Face Of That Poor Cashier At Stop & Shop

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That Sad Face Of That Poor Cashier At Stop & Shop

I was shopping at Stop & Shop today and after I picked everything out that I needed I naturally came close to an already originated line of people, who were waiting there just like me, to finish up ringing their items in and go home.

I was looking at their faces and at their postures, than I started looking at the poor cashier who was exhausted out of his mind. It was a high school kid who was working there just to make enough money to be able to go out with his friends and buy himself some trivial possessions.

This experience of observing people in the line and the cashier just made me so depressed because at that one moment life seemed so gray and uninteresting. I mean – is it all there is to it? We go to work, we go shopping then we come home? Is that really what it’s all about?

I still consider myself blessed because at least I love my job and it is not as stressful as other peoples’ jobs but what about that poor cashier? What about all the other people out there who don’t even HAVE jobs at the moment? What about the people who don’t have enough FOOD to feed their children? All these thoughts and questions started running through my mind and I just couldn’t help myself but to keep asking the same question over and over again – is this all?

We come to this life not even knowing where we came from, we live a confusing, exhausting and frustrating life and then we die? That’s one hell of a ride huh? Why not just NOT be born in the first place? I started thinking about how if there IS a GOD he or she or it must be an evil joker to play such a cruel game with us. Negativity took over my mind and I couldn’t stop it at that point. The line was still moving… the cashier was still ringing the items up… no smiles… no laughs… only gray and boring routine followed by the sad face of the that poor cashier at Stop & Shop.

There was only one person left before it was my turn to get my items checked in… it was an old man. He had a few items and a big smile. He asked the cashier how he was doing and gave him his Stop & Shop card without any further questions. He then bagged his own items, wished the cashier great day in a genuine manner and walked away…

It was my turn now… looking back I noticed how a huge line has accumulated behind me as I was standing there. I was exhausted and feeling antisocial but something in me push through and I asked the cashier how he was doing. He didn’t answer but for some reason I kept on being nice to him and at the end I wished him well and walked away.

As I was walking to my car, I couldn’t stop thinking about the old man, what he has done and how it all connected in the vastness of our intertwined lives. His simple gesture of kindness motivated me to be kind which I am sure motivated someone else in that line to be kind and so on and so forth… One good thing can bring about a global change. We live on this earth with a FREE CHOICE – make this Earth a pleasant place to live or an unpleasant one. do unto others as you would have them do unto you right? Well I guess the old folks knew what they were talking about back in the day. And me? Oh well I realized that while shopping at Stop & Shop.

Smile with me :)

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