Same Music Different Dance

Nov 8, 2012 by

Same Music Different Dance

Since we were five years old the music was the same every single day. As a matter of fact the same music was still playing when none of us even existed on this planet. It is a very old melody that has always been playing.

My busy life doesn’t let me hear that music; I miss all the important parts and nuances because it takes much awareness. When I don’t listen to the music, my dance is off beat and I do things that I regret later, or blame it on other people and circumstances.

But when I hear it closely and in my heart I understand what it is all about – even though not being able to logically deduce it and verbally articulate it – I find peace and alignment with something bigger than myself.

The more I align with the music the more I notice that my dance improves and still some days my busy life takes the best of me. But throughout the entire struggle it is comforting to know that you are the choreographer because it is always the same music just a different dance.

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