The Grey (2011) and Liam Neeson (Spoiler Alert!)

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The Grey (2011) and Liam Neeson (Spoiler Alert!)

This was a kind of movie after which you feel like you have read one of the classics in just an hour. Liam Neeson’s character and personality in real life always show up in his movies and since he is a great man in real life it allows him to create relatable and inspiring characters.

I don’t watch a lot of movies these days because most of them…well to put it simply are crap. Plot is always the same, characters are very repetitive and there is no inspiring original message throughout or in the end of the movie. It is always the same generic stuff over and over again.

Now I don’t like to complain much so instead of saying negative things about our today’s cinema I will rather talk about my favorite parts in The Gray.

One of the most touching parts is the beginning of the movie.  The character of Liam Neeson, Ottway, shoots one of the wolves and as the wolf is dying he puts his ear onto the dying wolf’s chest to hear its last breath.

One of my other favorite moments is right after the plane crash when they all huddle up together and find out that one of the guys is losing a lot of blood. This moment is so original because I haven’t seen anything like this in any other movie before. Ottway comes close to the guy who is losing blood and tells him straight away “you are going to die”.

This to me was so powerful because instead of sugar-coating the truth he gives him the truth before his death. After the initial shock disappears Ottway tells him to remember the person he loves the most and the other guy barely whispers “my daughter”. When he dies one could see the peace in his facial expression. Words cannot describe it and cannot even spoil this moment for you – the only way you will know what I am talking about is if you watch it.

This one moment of the movie made me think so much about my own life and what really matters in the end when you are on the death bed. It really IS about the people you love the most.

Last but not least – the ending of this movie is extraordinary.

The moment when Ottway loses all of his mates, sitting on the corner of the river by himself feeling helpless and lonely. He screams and asks God for help, he does it multiple times and says I need your help; this is the time to show yourself. No answer is being given back.

Now the powerful moment about this is that after waiting there for some sign to show he gets up and says “Fuck it, I’ll do it myself.” Every time I watch this movie which builds up to this moment and he says those words I become totally and completely filled with ambition and strength.

For a skeptic like me this moment hits on two opposite things for two different views. First view is we ask God for help and it comes to us in a shape of an opportunity or a circumstance or it simply means that you just believe in yourself, and by being aware of yourself you can have all the power you need.

I personally lean on the second choice but I have done that only after considering both.

I apologize if I spoiled it too much for you but I am so excited to share it with everyone.

This movie is a must see and is very highly recommended. Definitely watch it and let me know how you like it guys!

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