The Importance Of Baby Steps

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The Importance Of Baby Steps

I look at life as a huge array of integers and the people in it being the integers.

The reason I look it that way is because to me number 1 has a very significant and a profound value. Number 10 wouldn’t be that large if it wasn’t for all the ones that got summed up into it. Every “1” is a baby step that gets you closer to your desired integer. Some of us desire 10 and some of us desire 1000, some even more.

It all starts from 1 though. Can’t build it up without 1. On the other hand some people love to take backwards steps and that would be -1. Some people find joy in degrading their lives but for this article we will only be talking about people taking steps forward not backwards.

I find great joy in taking baby steps, because it is so simple of a start. If you think about it – everything complex is just an accumulation of simplicity overtime. If you start small and keep going you will be able to achieve many great thing. People will look at you in the moment when you have it all and wonder how you got there –  no body cares about the baby steps.

It is scary to take the first step, sometimes it is terrifying. In that first step is contained your success and potential, in that first step there is present a change. It all depends on your choice – will you take the step or not?

Once you take your first step, taking the second one is not as difficult.

Wake up everyday and take a step towards your success. Don’t expect anything big, enjoy the baby steps, enjoy the process, enjoy your development, enjoy your failures, enjoy the pleasure and also enjoy the pain – all of these will be present during your journey.

But it all starts from a step, a little baby step. In a way this whole life is made from baby steps – through millions and millions of years we have evolved into who we are right now. Nothing great ever happens overtime remember.

When you see people in their greatness it is inspiring but don’t forget that they took baby steps to get there.

Make up your mind, take a deep breath and take a step forward.


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