The Meaning Of Life

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The Meaning Of Life

First of all I would like to apologize to all my subscribers, readers and everyone else who is following the blog since I haven’t updated it in a very long time. I have been going through some interesting, rough and ultimately enlightening times in my life and I needed some time to process all of the information.

When I say this I don’t mean I went to a cave and meditated for weeks and weeks – instead the very opposite – I have been living my regular life on a day to day basis. However, the WAY I started seeing and interpreting things have changed dramatically.

One of the main things that struck me these couple of days is the meaning of life and what it is all about. I mean yes of course we all know the cliche meaning of it which is to be good and treat others the way we would like to be treated – we ALL know that. I think the difference is the DEPTH to our knowledge and not the knowledge in itself. Two people might know the same exact information however on two different depths/levels if you will.

By depth I mean that one has gone through a whole journey and had experiences relating back to that knowledge which gave that individual a more profound understanding of the idea. The more intense one’s experience the more profound one’s knowledge becomes. Simple formula but once again even to understand that you would need to go through it yourself.

These couple of days I have been thinking over and over to myself how vulnerable and helpless we are as human beings, how easy it is to condition us and to modify our thinking patterns. When you step back and look at our behavior/thinking patterns you realize how animl-like we all are. I catch myself numerous times daily when I unconsciously try to make decisions that are based on animalistic instincts.

For a couple of weeks straight I have been going through life with exactly this kind of mentality – we are all animals, all we want is survival and procreation. This mentality made my days so dark and dry. I knew there was something more I felt it in my heart but didn’t trust it because I thought it was my mind trying to defend me against reality.

After this mental state, came the second one which was already expected. This mental state was a continuation of the previous one – since I was convinced that all we are is a bunch of animals, wearing clothes and acting civilized the next thought that came to me was how life did not have any meaning. I mean think about it? Yes procreation is a meaning plus anything that comes with it such as marriage, kids etc but still ALL it is at the end of the day is procreation. Also survival could be another meaning of life – of course it is. HOWEVER these two meanings were so EMPTY and BORING for me that it got me thinking harder. It couldn’t possibly just be this but at the same time why couldn’t it? Just because I think that it’s boring and impossible doesn’t invalidate it…

After a couple of weeks of being very empty-minded and just living on an autopilot it finally struck me – we have love. But I already knew this and I even wrote about this so many times? How could it be that I am just realizing it now? It is so simple – of course we have love. The idea was simple when I first accepted it in my life – the difference was that now I didn’t accept it but asked a question and was CRUSHED and TORN by it. What’s the meaning of life? It drove me crazy and made me aware of my own ignorance. It made me aware of how ready I was to accept anything as an answer without living through it. When I realized that we as humans have LOVE in that moment I became silent because I knew that I got it and was ready for the answer this time around… I didn’t need to confirm the answer, I didn’t need to ask any questions, it was simply a part of me now. I suffered for that answer and now it became mine – I EARNED it.

We might be a bunch of mammals living together but LOVE is what unites us. It is very hard to love – it takes awareness and calm nerves.  Even though sometimes we want to yell and kick each other we still have the ability to love. This ability JUST like anything else needs to be trained. Even before that one needs to ASK why loving is even important? One should go crazy by that question because only then the answer will have meaning – only then will it actually make sense.

Also the reason one should understand and appreciate the answer is because of its longevity. Let me explain – if you just read this article and feel touched by it then decide to be a loving person, even if you try to be for a couple of days the next day you will say something along the lines of screw it all it doesn’t work. Loving is very hard – so one needs to be AWARE of why is loving important. Why love? The acceptance of the answer without the actual experience is very wrong – one might as well be a hateful person as long as it is genuine. The only way one can get a genuine answer is through experience which I have stated over and over again.

Writing about it is still not getting it across because I cannot describe the feeling in me simply using words. I can only point you to the feeling and you can only understand if you have been through it yourself. This was an important lesson for me. Also I don’t just mean love people – try loving everything around you – weather, your old car, your new car which you want to trade for a newer one, the book you are reading, your job, your self and so on and so forth. Use love in general – I just presented you with one scenario which is probably one of the most important ones. Love should be spread universally but FIRST the importance of it should be understood – not artificially rather personally through individual experiences.

I am just happy that I got to this realization – the meaning of life for me is to love people dearest to me and then try to love people around me WITH AWARENESS. That’s the biggest catch – don’t make it into a game – I love 10 people and you only love 7 – NO! Only love if it makes sense to do so that’s why just intellectualizing it won’t do. One first needs to ask this question seriously because that will bring awareness THEN once the answer is there you’ll know what to do with it. It is an individual journey and I wish you strength, courage and wisdom along the way should you choose to go through with it.

Live with love, do with love.

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