The Power of Hope

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The Power of Hope

What would I do without it? I mean how would I even be able to survive in this world without hope?

Funny thing is that we are the only species who are equipped with hope. Lions don’t hope and neither do their preys. I mean the main difference is that we are the only living beings on this planet who are self-aware.

Animals have a very robotic behavior, of course there are some exceptions, very touching stories where animals have acted in very noble and respectable ways but it still doesn’t prove anything about their general population.

Most of the animals have a robotic behavior with their fixed action patterns and predictable behaviors. This is the exact reason why humans are the biggest predator – we see through their fixed behavioral structure and routines. The point I am trying to make is that animals don’t hope because they don’t have to, they are comfortable where they are and if they are not then they adapt to the environment.

Humans on the other hand don’t like adapting, even though they will if they have to. The deeper point here is that humans HOPE for better days or at least for something better… something more. We are the only species that are not comfortable with where we are right now… MORE is what we are after. Doesn’t matter in which field – a homeless man wants better clothes, shelter and more food,  a CEO of a company wants more profit from his or her company, rulers want more power and land and this goes on forever just changing – taking different shapes and forms but the idea is all the same.

So we know that we have hope and we know that it is special to us – human beings. So what?

How is hope useful to us if at all? Could it be harmful?

Yes and yes.

If we didn’t have hope we wouldn’t be able to create a civilization, hope is the main force of motivation and motivation is the main force of progress. Many have hoped and failed, others have hoped and succeeded… but they hoped.

Hope can also be dangerous because we as humans have a deadly disease called laziness. Hope mixed with laziness is a recipe for disaster.

Imagine yourself hoping to be someone famous, well-spoken, who has a sense of style and possess charming wit and intelligence. You decide to change yourself and become that person and you HOPE that one day you will become that person. So far so good right? Now imagine yourself hoping about that same thing after ten years while you are still the same exact person you have been because you haven’t done a single thing to CHANGE yourself. Laziness is a dangerous thing NOT hope – don’t mix the two.

Without hope we are not human anymore because what makes us human is our imagination, creativity, self-development and without hope those things are irrelevant. I mean of course if one has no hope he or she is still technically a human being but not a living one. Have you seen or talked to people who have NO hopes or dreams? When you talk to them you know that you are talking to a person but you feel a sickening in your own heart because of their dryness and lack of hope – our dreams keep us alive and when they die we die along with them.

Hope is extremely powerful, but be careful not to fall into the traps of laziness. Keep your dreams alive and never stop hoping for better and more!

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  • Juan

    I guess there are few things in life that really gets us going and push us to strive for something better or worse. Hope is one of them and I’d say greed, lust, and other powerful emotions would follow suit. But hope is definitely the most complex of them all, because of the sheer number of different ways it can be interpreted. Hope for me is something to look forward to, but hope for some people is what make them miserable. I don’t know, it deserves a complex answer I suppose because it’s such a complex matter.

    • InnovaTonic

      haha not every complex matter by default deserves a complex answer. Evolution, for example, is a simple answer to a complex problem.

      As William of Ockham said “when you have two competing theories that make exactly the same predictions, the simpler one is the better.”

  • Conny

    Its all about striking a balance in your life. To be able to aspire for a better tomorrow but not forget to live today. Thank you for sharing your thoughts! If I could recommend that maybe you write about how one can manifest these aspirations into your life. How much is really hope, and not just being open to change? Focusing on bettering yourself, and thus, your life

    • InnovaTonic

      Thank you for your comment :)