True Friendship Only Starts When…

Nov 20, 2012 by

True Friendship Only Starts When…

Here is the thing – a TRUE, GENUINE friendship only starts when TRADING mentality ends, and there is no longer a score board to keep the number of favors.

Whether consciously or unconsciously we always trade with people; we do something then we expect something else from them or they do something we start feeling obligated to do something back.

For the most part that’s how we feel about most human beings unless we are conscious of ourselves and our actions which is a very rare thing these days.

Now when you develop a relationship with a friend who does not look back for anything after doing favors, helps you when you’re in need and still keeps a good spirit about all of it THEN and ONLY then can you start seeing the seeds of a true and genuine relationship.

Trading is a very animalistic behavior and therefore blocks one’s mindset from transcending into higher levels of thinking.

True friendship starts only when the trading ENDS.

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  • irina

    I absolutely agree. True friendship is so rare because many people want to get more than to give.
    Maybe, they have never experienced ‘a true and genuine ‘ joy that overwhelms you when we share something or help somebody without thinking of any gratitude or profit. I think that not everybody is able
    to feel that pure joy and inspiration that change our animalistic behavior and really make us people.

    • InnovaTonic

      Well here is the thing – trading is essentially the principle of reciprocity which has been engraved in us for the longest time.

      getting rid of it is could be extremely challenging – hence why most people simply don’t even bother.

      I still fight with this impulse – whenever I do something for my friends I try to do it “out of my heart”. Sometimes I fail and sometimes I succeed.

      But at the end it is a part of our evolution as a people :)

  • Sean

    I also agree with this article, however I would have to say that you only really know your true friends if you have every moved country. Sounds absurd but it really shines a light on who are the “fakers” in your friends. Trust me it will all make sense if you ever migrate anywhere.

    A genuine friend will never leave your side.