Wake Up From the Routine

Dec 6, 2012 by

Wake Up From the Routine

Boring routine work has the most soporific effect on an individual’s life.

This might sound contradictory to what I have previously said before which had to do with consistency and success and rightly so.

When I talk about boring routine work I mean something which an individual does not enjoy doing but has to do it because of life circumstances.

When I talk about consistency and success I mean something which an individual consciously decided to achieve and now has to practice/work towards it every day to achieve the final goal. This is a different topic because this case assumes that everything went perfectly in one’s life and one ended up doing what one loves to do.

The case being discussed in this article is the one in which an individual is forced to do the work, which is 80% if not more of the population. Most people hate their jobs which is a fact.
Now since that is clarified let us move on with the article.

Why does boring routine work has a soporific effect? Do I mean an individual gets sleepy?

When an individual does something that he or she does not enjoy then personal development/progress comes to a halt or could be moving but at infinitesimal speeds. It has a soporific effect on one’s life and one starts living unconsciously as a result of a denial towards the reality.

Now it is different when one is doing that job permanently and when one is doing it temporarily because permanence is the case which REALLY stops the progress; nevertheless temporary timing could do some damage as well.
I remember when I had to work in retail when I was in high school and when I graduated, started going to college and got my first internship I felt like I woke up from a dream. I am not even joking or trying to make it sound magical and mysterious. I honestly felt like it was all a bad dream.

When I write about this I feel every single stage because I have personally been through it all. Because of my denial of reality my confidence dropped dramatically and so I didn’t believe I could do anything better. Thanks to my parents I found some courage to move on and achieve my goals but if I was alone I would have forever stayed asleep in that state of mind.

I am writing this article not to show that I am the man but to perhaps help someone reading this to be able to break away from that state of mind, wake up and realize that this life is vast filled with numerous possibilities and if one is not afraid to go after one’s dreams that is when the REAL journey starts.

Stay tuned for more articles and share your stories with us!

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  • JTomlinson

    I’m sorry to hear that you had to go through something like that (at least the part where your development halted because of circumstances). I don’t however agree that if you hate your work that you have to halt in making progress or development in your life. I hated going to school (I considered college a job) and yet I made great progress in life during college (getting married, having a child, finding work, starting up my own business etc), and the same can be said for all of the other jobs I hated doing while I was in college. For me I made a personal separation between the work I hated doing and the rest of my life, and I think that’s crucial. I kept work at work, and home at home (even though my husband worked at the college, so the college was a big part of our lives).

    I think it’s different for every person. Thanks for sharing your experiences.

  • Dan

    I’m proud to be able to state, that I have a rather free routine, which allows me to do what I enjoy doing, and to be able to seek out true success in life. However, I do know many individuals, who do have a very tight and limiting routine, that they are afraid to even mention moving away from.

    For those who do often say that they’ll leave their monotonous job or that they will go back to school to get a better education, it is always saddening to see them a year later they are still saying the same thing, yet with little to no progress whatsoever to actually doing it. I think that if these people just took action now, they could see some truly remarkable results, which may even surprise themselves!

    • Erica

      Unfortunately, I have several friends like that as well. They’ll complain to me about their jobs, their relationships, etc… I like being a good friend, and I’m happy to help them talk through their problems and brainstorm a few possible courses of action that might make them feel better. For the life of me though, I can not understand why these same friends come back to me with the same problems, after not doing any of the things that they had previously decided would be good ideas. Do some people just truly love their problems?

  • Magellan

    There’s many reasons why routines are bad! You described one pretty clearly, but I just wanted to point out that in addition to routines deadening your dreams, they also make you numb to the gratitude of seeing how much you already have. There’s a reason why they say you don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone!

  • Ricky Chavez

    This is a great article. Waking up is something that many of us need to do. We get into these routines and never stop to ask ourselves, why are we doing this. We should always know why we are doing something or it may not be worth doing.

    • Ruby Singer

      I am always saying that exact thing to my kids when they tell me that they don’t know why they did something. I am always like, if you don’t know why you did it then what was the point in doing it? I try live my life like I believe that it should be. This might mean that I get my heart broke or maybe I might have to work a little harder than usual but the outcome is always what I am looking for and that’s to be the perfect person that I can possibly be which would allow me to prosper as a person.

      • InnovaTonic

        I am glad you are teaching your kids to question – that is a very important skill in life.

        You have to question enough things (not all things because then you might go insane) to not be attached to things unconsciously.

        The moment you question is the moment you wake up!

    • InnovaTonic

      You got it!

      We never ask ourselves WHY, we just do it because we sometimes think its right or someone told us that it is right (be it our parents, friends or whoever).

      When you stop and think… when you contemplate about the WHY you finally realize your robotic behavior.