Why Is Silence So Beautiful And Nurturing?

Dec 28, 2012 by

Why Is Silence So Beautiful And Nurturing?

There is a certain beauty in a silent, lonely area. Just simply sitting in that area could be so calming and even therapeutic at times.

I think that being silent is actually our natural state. In fact many ancient traditions have stated the same exact thing. They have embraced the importance of a silent mind.

What is it about the silence that is so beautiful and nurturing?

I strongly believe that it has a lot to do with comfort and security.

When there is not too much noise our mind feels at ease because it does not have to interpret sounds and try to help us with our survival.

When we are silent we switch from our simplistic, survival-based mode into a more creative and aware state of being.

Now I also have friends who are more comfortable focusing when there is a lot of noise around them. This is also true but I would not want to discuss it here because it has a lot of more factors mixed into it. I wouldn’t want to go off on a tangent.

Another interesting thing about a silent mind is the fact that it is more aware. The more silent one’s mind the more aware one is of oneself and one’s surroundings – the opposite holds true as well.

I think this is the exact reason why the ancient spiritual teachers have tried to calm the minds of their students. Without being aware one cannot go into a meditative state. It sounds very contradictory where in fact it is very true.

I think awareness is another byproduct of silence which makes it so beneficial and comforting. The more aware I am the more I feel some sort of freedom, whereas with my routine-oriented mind I feel so trapped.

As a software engineer and an aspiring writer I could definitely give my testimony when it comes to silence and innovation. They go hand in hand because innovation happens through silence.

Only in silence can we create because an idea is just like a seed and silence is like fertile soil which nurtures the seed and allows it to grow.

  • Sam

    This is a very beautiful interpretation of silence and one that I agree with you in every way. It’s a shame that people have forgotten or are never taught of the beauty of silence. I believe silence is something that can be enjoyed by those who are confident and those who suffer from self-esteem don’t enjoy silence, because they don’t want to see their real selves. Silence is gold though and silence is beautiful, if you only know how to enjoy it of course.

  • Walkinsideiself

    Silence fills me with a form of peace. The moment my mind becomes thoughtless I am free.

    • InnovaTonic

      The best is when you meditate outside in a park during a sunny, summer morning…Try with your eyes closed, when you get to the state where your mind is absolutely relaxed try and open up your eyes.

      It is a beautiful experience when you look at the world with a silent mind :)

  • Rick

    Perhaps my ears are too keen. I’ve never been in a truly silent place, but I do love sitting in the quiet and contemplating the subtleties of all the sounds I hear. I can hear the fan of my computer, the turnover of the refrigerator, or if I’m outside I listen to the wind, birds and bugs. One meditation tactic I like to use is to focus on the sound of my own breath and heartbeat. I can’t remember where I read that tip, but it helps to instantly anchor you to the moment and quit thinking about the past and the future.

    • InnovaTonic

      I have always used the breath technique, it has such a calming effect. Thanks for sharing your experience with us :)

  • Steve

    Nothing better then getting away from it all :)

  • Mary

    Great article! Such a simple thing … Silence.. so easy to forget how much it can do for you in life!

    • Sean

      Couldn’t agree with you more. Silence is so powerful you don’t actual realize until you turn everything off.

  • Tom Butterly

    Beautiful post! I think that is the reason I enjoy travelling on bike rather than other forms of transport – I can get out into the wild and experience the silence every day. It’s wonderful.

  • Fredrik K.

    Very poetic, your writing really made me stop and think. Living in the city I rarely experience complete silence. When experiencing nature with others, we shouldn’t need to talk. It’s these moments where we get experience such rugged beauty that reminds me of why I enjoy travelling so much.