Why We Do What We Do by Tony Robbins

Nov 18, 2012 by

Why We Do What We Do by Tony Robbins

This is my first post in this category and I hope you all enjoy it!

Also hope that this helps you in some way.

From now on I will be posting motivational videos – all of them being the ones that have motivated me at some point in my life.

Please do comment and suggest videos if you have some in mind. I WILL give you the credit for mentioning it!

So without further ado, here is the video and once again I hope you all enjoy it!

Tony Robbins says it like it is!

Please DO leave comments and suggestions about the next video if you have a good one in mind.

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  • Dan

    Tony Robbins has been one of the greatest motivators in my life, and I am constantly boosting my level of commitment to my goals and work to perform better, and to produce better results. Despite this video being 20 minutes or so long, I enjoyed every minute of it and was able to learn some very good information from it. Thanks for posting these! :)

  • Steve

    This guy is great! I love this video to so inspirational! Thanks!

  • Sarah M

    Fascinating post. I am really impressed! Did you take the video? Or is it just from YouTube either way I love your site! :)

  • I love the motivational speakers that truly figure out a way to get you up and going. Some that I have listened to felt more like preachers but this guy is on fire. When it feels like they are speaking to you, then that’s the moment that it really hits you to be better.

  • Wow! what an inspiration. I truly felt like he was speaking to me about my life.