Willingness to Learn

Nov 9, 2012 by

Willingness to Learn

I have a bad teacher/professor? This book doesn’t explain it well? It is very complicated? I partied last night and have a headache it is hard for me to grasp the material!

Did you notice the question marks next to all of those phrases? Well the reason I put question marks because when you say those things you don’t even know if they are true or not, you are just making up excuses. Except for the last one, that one is an honest remark.

Now what am I trying to say here? When a person has a willingness to learn, has this thirst for knowledge it does NOT matter how bad the professor/teacher is, it does NOT matter if the book doesn’t explain it well and most of all it does not matter how complicated it is. But DO take it a little easy on the partying.

Anyhow, when the thirst of knowledge is in you, when you really want to learn about a specific subject then you become a sponge for information.

At that point, to put it philosophically, you are one with the subject. At that point every single detail mentioned about the subject you will grasp and therefore you will learn about it.

So again and again it really comes down to interest, motivation and love for what you are doing. That is why most people in this world are unhappy with their jobs. Instead of choosing something they are interested in they choose something they don’t really like which makes the most amount of money for them.

A happy person is the one who works and does what he loves, learning and growing with time, and also gets paid well for it.

The morale of this post, if you will, is to go after what you like because that is the only way you can really learn about it. Choosing something which does not appeal to you will only make you miserable and full of excuses for why not to do it.

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