Would You Help a Stranger Getting Attacked in Front of You?

Nov 15, 2012 by

Would You Help a Stranger Getting Attacked in Front of You?

The real question is this – to help or not to help a stranger? What I mean by that is this – if you see a total stranger outside who is getting harassed by another stranger or strangers should you or should you not help that person?

I have been thinking about this one for the longest time – and I don’t believe that I have the answer. This is a very complex issue. Think about these two scenarios for a moment.

First scenario is this – you are walking down the street and right in front of you there is a guy who is arguing with a girl. All of a sudden you see the guy slapping this girl. Here is where you should make a decision – do you walk away or do you step into the situation?

Let us imagine you step into the situation and try to resolve it – So you go in and tell the guy that it is not appropriate to hit a girl, you tell him to stop. What would naturally and logically happen next is he would not agree with you, he might even try to pick a fight with you at that point.

If you walk away from the situation then there is nothing to talk about. The only bad thing that might happen to you is that you might feel guilty for not stepping up for someone else who seemed like needed help.

Now in the first scenario, there is more danger on your side because who knows if the other guy has a knife or a gun. Better yet he might have his friends waiting in a car which you have not noticed and as you start fighting with him his friends join in and then… well then you know.

Here is the most interesting question – what if at the end of the fight you find out that this girl actually infected this guy with HIV while she knew about it . Then she divorced him and took most of his money. I mean this might sound way too ruthless to be true but you get the point.

You never know the story behind the fight.

Also think about this – if you get into the fight and get severely wounded because the other guy happened to have a knife or a gun, how do you think your family would feel?

Don’t get me wrong they will be extremely proud when they see that their son or even daughter stepped into a situation like that and tried to resolve it. However if you are a realist you WILL accept the fact that when most loving parents see their children hurt nothing else comes to mind such as pride and glory.

Please don’t get me wrong I am NOT advocating that NOT helping is the answer I am also NOT advocating that helping is the answer I am simply trying to look at this question from both perspectives. I am also trying to be as objective as possible.

So what we have so far is that walking away is the safest option which does NOT demonstrate ANY humility and can be considered very cowardly and weak. On the other hand we have our second option which puts you in the danger zone, jeopardizes your future, health and most of all your life. This second option is a lot more humanitarian and honorable (if we leave out the part that you are hurting your family by hurting yourself).

Sadly I still don’t have the answer for this question and as I am guessing there never will be a one-fits-all solution because there could be so many different situations and circumstances. Plus the story line and how it all originated.

One thing I know for sure is this – whether you decide to walk away or go right into the situation please make sure you call 911 before anything. That way you are at least contributing and showing somewhat of a human quality if you choose the first option and if you go with the second one then at least you are buying time before the police arrives to the scene.

I would recommend you to take some time and think about this issue because you never know when it could happen and when it does happen you want to be ready.

If you have an interesting point of view that you would like to share or you disagree with anything that I have said then please by all means leave a comment.

Take care and stay tuned for more articles!

  • Steve

    I guess it all depends on the entirety of the situation, there is a lot of things to take into consideration when talking about this. Another thing is people nowadays are just talking videos of the action rather that actually helping the person. Its crazy like! Help a fellow stranger is all I say!